Utility of Joomla CMS for Web Development

Over the years, the internet has grown in scale a lot to become perhaps the biggest marketplace for brands across industry verticals. Going online is one of most important strategies businesses have to take these days as they know a huge potential awaits in the digital world. Given so much prospects available over the web, it becomes important to be there and capitalize on all. This task will need you to have a feature-rich and powerful website – which can be designed and developed using a reliable and scalable platform. There are a lot of CMS systems available and one of them can be selected for web development purposes.Further, Joomla is an award-winning and perhaps the most popular content management system software in the world bringing the ease to build, organize, publish and manage content. So, it can be used for websites, blogs, apps and intranets to benefit from its superior management capabilities. Also, its scalable MVC architecture is quite helpful for web application development purposes. It’s the kind of software that comes packed with a whole array of features so that the task of content publishing & management can become easy. Offering 66 languages, it’s a multilingual platform giving businesses a wider market to cater without much of investment.Open source in nature, Joomla is used extensively to let websites of any nature reach to a much bigger audience. Further, it’s well supported by a huge community of users, developers and learners who add value to this software. And when it comes to updates, users can expect this platform to do the same with just a few clicks, as it has a built-in updater for the job. With its in-app contextual help system, users on any level will find it extremely easy to handle and operate this CMS. Not to forget, it allows easy uploading of media files and folders together with ease of management.With Joomla, webmasters or marketers can add advertising and go about monetizing their website as they will get the kind of tool needed to create campaigns, add banners, track the clicks etc. It also gives the feature of extending basic contact information by letting you add several contacts, categories and departments on the site. Likewise, it has built-in search feature so that users never face problem in accessing information on a website and search whatever they need in a smart manner. What’s more, it brings some really wonderful features to make the task of content management a purely effortless exercise.In addition, Joomla ensures that the task of content editing remains as simple and easy as webmasters or users often expect them to be. In fact, simple edits now needn’t happen only after logging into the admin section as they can be done directly from the frontend. Further, it lets people have a complete idea about the content, changes made to the content etc. This is why more users now look to benefit from Joomla as they want their sites to deliver ease and simplicity with content management.

How to Build Profitable Adsense Sites Fast

Recently we have seen a lot of AdSense sites and related products springing up everywhere on the web. From how to build AdSense sites fast to “tested and tried AdSense secrets” ebooks. Also, there are software for building thousands of AdSense sites in record time using reprinted articles.

However, nobody is telling you how to make these AdSense sites profitable. Well I want to do that in this article.

Firstly, lets look at the obstacle you have to overcome before you can make your AdSense sites profitable.

1. How to build hundreds of content sites in a very short amount of time.

2. How to name your sites and not attract the attention of the search engines.

3. How to host your AdSense sites and not attract the special attention of the search engines.

4. New sites have to over come the Google sandbox phenemenon. You have to wait for your new AdSense sites to be indexed,listed and appear in Google serps for you to even think of earning money from the sites. This could take anywhere from 3 to 4 months.

5. How do you get your sites indexed in the first place? Submitting your sites using the Google submission page is outdated. Most major search engines now crawl sites from incoming links found in other sites. So how do you get links on other sites pointing to your sites?

6. How do you identify profitable keywords that you will use to build your sites? You need high demand keywords to input in your sites to be able to generate the kind of clicks on your AdSense ads that will bring in substantial amount of AdSense revenue.

7. How do you make your new profitable keywords sites compete with the established sites? Remember that profitable keywords are high demand keywords therefore, very hard to rank high in search engines.

8. How do you link your various sites so that you don’t get into trouble with the searh engines?

9. How do you use reprinted articles in your thousands of sites so that it does not look like everyother Dick and Harry’s site and reduce the relevance of your sites?

These are very important questions you will have to address before you can start dreaming of hugh AdSense earnings fast. However, you can go the slow route and build good, unique content sites that will last longer and earn you revenue for long time even after AdSense craze has died down. But this will take you years to do.

Now lets look at how you can build these profitable AdSense sites fast. How you can overcome all the obstacles listed above. This is by no means a simple and easy tasks I tell you. But the reward is money, money and plent of AdSense money. You will also need some tools that will make the job easier. These tools will be shown to you at the bottom of this article.

Firstly, you need a software that can build hundreds of your AdSense sites fast using reprinted articles. The software should be able to fetch reprinted articles from article sites, format these articles and create pages using your own templates. It is important you use your own template because you don’t want to look like everyother person using the same articles. However, if you don’t want to use other peoples articles on your site, you can write them yourself (herculean tasks indeed if you have to build hundreds of sites), or you can hire ghost writers at www.elance.com to write these articles at very reasonable rates. There is one ebook that teaches how to hire ghost writers easily and at cheap rates. This is a better option than using articles from article sites. These articles are not keyword rich, their keyword densities are very poor and they are not well optimized for good search engine ranking. Check at the bottom of this article for where to get the software and ebook.

The domain names for your sites should be your main keyword for that site. You are going to optimize each page using one keyword. You want the AdSense ads to recognize your page for that one keyword so tha it delivers ads based on that one keyword. Use hyphen for your domain names. Register your domain names for at least 2 years so hat you do not raise a red flag for Google.

Host your sites on different hosts servers. This will aid you in your link structure. You are going to link your various sites in such a way that some sites receive many links than others. The ones with hundreds of incoming links are the money makers. There are very cheap web host. Do a search for “$1.99 hosting” and you will get them. You can check for how long they have been in the hosting business by gong to http://www.archive.org

There is the Google sandbox phenemenon. There is nothing you can do about that. Wait it out. Use the waiting time to write articles for your different sites, submitting your sites to directories, (here is a comprehensive list of article submission sites at, www.ebizstartups.com/article-submission-sites.html), doing reciprocal linking, buying links(if you can) doing seo for your sites etc.

How do you identify profitable keywords? you can subscribe to some membership sites that research and offer these high demand ( profitable ) keywords to their members. Or if you want to do the research yourself, go to www.pixelfast.com/overture – (a site that helps you see what folks are paying for ads on Overture).

Armed with your high demand keywords, you then build not too many web sites with these keywords. These sites will be your money makers. But remember that it is difficult ranking high for these keywords at the free search engines. so you will build hundreds of sites with low demand keywords that are related to your high demand keywords and send traffic to your high demand keyword sites from your low demand keyword sites.

When you write articles, let the link in your resource box point to your low demand keywords sites. So that you can build link popularity fast and then link to your high demand keywords sites from your low demand keywords sites. This way you have hundreds of links pointing to your few high demand keywords sites. So you archieve two things by doing so. One, you send traffic to your high demand keywords site and two, you build the link popularity of your high demand keyword sites. This will enable these high demand keywords sites compete favorably with other sites at the free search engines.

To cap it all:

What you are doing is basically building sites that will funel traffic as well as one way links to your high demand keyword sites using some very good resources for building your sites fast and obtaining the latest profitable keywords fast. Note that there are others ways to do this. But this is the safest way without getting your websites banned from the search engines.

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